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“Young adult is aimed at readers 12 to 18 (and up), which is a wide developmental range.

YA is generally thought of most generally as ‘anything with a teenaged character living in the moment’ (as opposed to remembering back on those years sentimentally from the POV of an older adult narrator).

To help writers figure out what makes a middle grade a middle grade, and what makes a young adult a young adult, we’ve put together this post to outline the basics. We’re members of SFWA’s newest experiment, a special interest group focusing on SFWA members who write MG and YA sci-fi and fantasy.

We’ve surveyed our editors and agents to ask them how they define MG and YA, and in this post we’re sharing their thoughts with you.

The protagonist reacts to external situations and events, which leads to adventurous stories, and there is little time spent in the characters’ heads. On the other hand, YA is often much more introspective, and the protagonist exerts their influence on the events in the novel.

Think first person perspective and lots of use of the word ‘I’.

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These aren’t chapter books or early readers, which are usually quite short, often in series, usually contain education content, and are aimed at a slightly younger audience, 6 – 8 year olds.

But they’re also not teen novels, which are usually categorized as 12 and up (though can be 14 and up when there’s more ‘content’).

In subsequent posts, we’ll tackle the thorny issue of potentially controversial content (what’s permitted and what’s not), and give you recommendations of MG and YA books you can read to get up to speed on the market today.

How do you define “middle grade” and “young adult”?

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