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I got a free membership and already got some feedback but it won't let you respond to messages unless you upgrade...which is really gay...But i might do a month membership if I get some feedback from you guys had experience with this site?Once you finish each workout, you can upload your stats and compare your results to the other friends in your network.Most people with gym memberships go at least a couple of days each week.All of the even remotely attractive chicks are fakes.

Whatever your case may be, know that there’s a new app designed to match you with the perfect workout partner.Continuing technology advancements have opened an app market for just about everything, including apps designed to help you find a virtual workout buddy.Apps like Strava and Yog allow you to compete with others virtually and develop a network of workout buddies.There are leaders available for whatever type of workout you and your new workout buddies prefer, be it muy thai, barre, yoga for new moms, or even firefighters training to take the FDNY entrance exams.Trainers provide new regimens each week, complete with instructional photos and videos.

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