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"It was such a shock for me as well," he told the together in 2002, stepped out as a couple a decade later in March 2012 and married at St Isidore's College Church in Rome in September.

"People wait [to get married] because they need to get to know each other first," he explained.

And he was just sitting there hanging out with 12 of my friends, making everybody laugh.

”' said Patrick Kielty When he first started seeing Cat Deeley, the British TV presenter who became a huge hit in America with her show So You Think You Can Dance, Kielty quickly realised that while dating the gorgeous, leggy blonde had very few downsides, running the gauntlet of the LA paparazzi was probably one of them.‘When Cat and I were first being photographed together,’ he explains, ‘they’d take our picture and then say to Cat, “And one for the fashion shot”, which basically means, “Can you just step aside please, Patrick?'Developing a fascination...' wrote the smitten TV star.Their latest holiday - which was to celebrate their first wedding anniversary - is typical for the globe-trotting couple, who were married in Rome last September in a secret ceremony that surprised their fans.Well-known artist Patrick Kielty was born on Sunday 31st January 1971 and has been in the spotlight throughout 2013. Many publications, as well as the media are praising Patrick Kielty's profile whose undeniable popularity will continue to bring up the most effective covers and agendas.In another stunning photo, Cat is in a stone courtyard wearing a loose cream shirt and aviator sunglasses with her handbag slung loosely around her shoulders.

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