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Tauziat was let go after the season and Saviano committed to a more present role alongside Bouchard, for the 2014 WTA Tour.During the 2013 off-season she appeared on CTV Montreal as a guest weather anchor.Eugenie doesn't talk about knitting sweaters, she doesn't talk about snuggling with kittens after a match.She isn't out on the tennis court rescuing baby penguins from the cold or petting the wings of butterflies.Let's praise her for her determination and focus, not simply because she's a beautiful woman who's capable of being photographed 10,000 times a day and who we like to see on our television sets.Eugenie Bouchard is not Canada's Tennis Sweetheart, she's Canada's best tennis player.She's young, she's athletic, and yes, she is an attractive woman. She's nice and she's polite and she smiles when people ask her stupid questions about who she has a crush on, but she's ultra competitive when on the court -- a trait that has served her well over the years she's trained to be a professional athlete.She talks endlessly about not being satisfied with her results until she's reached her ultimate goal of winning major titles.

The physical characteristics we should be focusing on include her court coverage, her forehand, her footwork and her stamina, not her blonde hair.On February 6, 2017, during the Super Bowl LI match between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, Bouchard took to Twitter to predict the outcome of the game stating that Atlanta would win.A bet was proposed by a certain fan named John Goehrke in reply to her tweet with a proposal that Bouchard would go on a date with him if the Patriots would win the game.I've never heard him referenced as "Canada's tennis sweetheart." He's simply an emerging star of the game with a great tennis future.I have no idea who he's dating, I have no idea what clothes he wears off the tennis court.

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