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There comes a point when online dating feels like work.

You sit at your computer wondering why you aren’t finding the soulmate that the television ads talked about it.

The old adage goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” While this approach is admirable under some circumstances, what no one tells us is it’s equally important to know when to give up on something or, in this case, someone.

Often it’s more difficult to give up on a potential partner than to keep pursuing them because it means sacrificing a fantasy.

Guys won’t be cordial and inform you that they have moved on. Allow me to be straight with you: you are wasting your time with him.

I assume you are looking for a committed relationship— one where the guy doesn’t cheat on you and entertain other women when you aren’t around.

If you extend the invite and he accepts but doesn’t send you a private message along the lines of, “It was great to meet you last Saturday! You can keep prompting — as I have done — but I caution you that these prompts inevitably reach a dead end.

Like all good things, sometimes you need to take a step back to appreciate them again.

Online dating allows you to meet more people at one time but is not designed to make the dating process any faster.

Most often, you will receive a response or a reaction for the gestures you make toward the guy you’re seeing.

When your gestures are not being reciprocated, your texts and calls consistently left unanswered and you have frequent gaps in communication, you should consider moving on.

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Also, any excuses that revolve around technology failure — such as an i Phone falling into the dog’s water bowl or a laptop spontaneously combusting — are nonsense.

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