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So there should be a moment before the doors open when the chef is accessible and can go over menu items that any waiter might be unsure of. Nothing is as valuable to a waiter as seeing the presentation and understanding all the important elements of a dish before the customer arrives.

I have known waiters who will get up from a pre-shift meeting and go blank.

All your friends’ eyes are on you, because they see the stunned look on your face, and they all know you're hot for her. You want to figure out how to crack the restaurant code. Create A Bond All About Her For seven years in my 20s, I was a bartender/waiter in New York City. Let me go back to the kitchen, let me go grab those salmon orders right now.” You bond with her immediately in that moment. Not only that, but you basically set up a good feeling between the two of you for the rest of the evening. Not because she'll think you're a baller, but because she'll have more time to interact with you.

They'll say something stupid." So, you walk into a restaurant and you wait 15 minutes for a table. You sit down, stare at the menu and a kind voice says, “Hey, guys, what are you in the mood for tonight? The hottest waitress you've seen in a long time is staring directly at you and you don't know what to say. ” And when she tells you what's good, just look at her and say, “Oh, man, why don't you just sit here right now? Just let me know what's been 86ed in the kitchen.” “86” is the term that restaurant people use to talk about what food item is no longer available. Now she’ll probably laugh and say, “I think we're almost out of salmon.” Then you could say, “All right, fine. She'll be curious whether or not you ever worked in a restaurant. I've worked with plenty of girls who date customers. 2) you'll have better chances at a fine dining restaurant.

(I'm referring to picking them up at work, after hours at their drinking holes is a completely different story) But I do game them.

The more they linger, the more they come to the table and talk with you. Say, “Hey, look, I know the wild salmon is 86ed here, but I know this great place down the road where the salmon flows free. But in order to go from average customer to lover, bond with her by connecting in a way that most other guys wouldn’t. Closest I got was when I was at a tennis tournament in Boca, got her number on the bill, a confirmation text she'll come over to my hotel to hang by the pool. The conversion rate is so low its not worth the effort to me.

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