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He started by crafting a Linked In profile for a defense industry recruiter with the help of a headhunter friend.

He then found a Linked In group for people with top secret security clearances that now has more than 9,500 members.

He learned that one target was in debt, which is grounds for losing a security clearance and therefore a job.

(The logic is that debt makes an employee vulnerable to bribes.) Harbinger was doing all this with just his laptop and some free legal advice.

" yielded the location of testing facilities, what projects were being worked on at what facilities, how many people were working on these projects, and even the project budgets.

Bizarre statements like, "I really don’t like working with Chinese people," revealed which projects were staffed with mostly Americans and which departments employed foreigners.

Her story was that she was applying for a job with their company and needed career advice.

That gave Harbinger an idea for an experiment in social engineering, the dark art of influencing people to act against their own interest: what would it take for a defense contractor to reveal classified information to a total stranger? Harbinger succeeded in getting contractors with top secret security clearances to reveal details of what they were working on, as well as enough personal information to access their bank accounts, credit card statements, and cell phone records.

He spent fewer than 10 hours total on the project spread over a few weeks.

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Harbinger stopped short of pushing for classified information, he said, but he got close enough to prove how easy it would be to extract very sensitive intel if he’d kept probing.

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