Virgo men when they in relationship what s the consequence

because I will be thinking of him and comparing and I am still doing that.I want to work through the process of healing first and then I can give my all to another person" I think that is the smart thing to do for all concerned. especially men they need to get into relationship right away to inflate their ego. I try to learn from each relationshipr and look at what went wrong.The emotional roller coaster has literally done my head in.I was in a great place in my life, fit n healthy & now have to pick up the pieces of some one else's issues.People need connection, and moving on can help you get over what has to be left behind.(For information about my books, please see my website: References I've recently had the pleasure of being the victim of a rebound.I should of known better though my rebound didn't want to lose me, chased me & used me to unload her issues.

Went from the most intimate, passionate, meant-to-be feeling relationship I'd ever had, to a texted breakup and no contact within 24 hours. How do people go from being lovers, and having someone shower them with love, and then dispose of them like a "happy tissue? at the end of our relationship, she wasn't willing to meet up and took the easy way out and just sent me a message that is over. I think it's really only appropriate if you haven't really gotten close/intimate.

A relationship of years together should not end by text. I recently had a break up now 4 months and I have had a difficult time of it and have dated but tell the guys I am not interested in getting involved just dating.

I communicate to them " do you want to be a rebound person?

If she healed it could of been a whole lot different. timing was off but didn't like the social media sneakiness and dishonesty she was posting. :-( I got a question for anyone, is breaking up by text message wrong?

I understand she didn't want to hurt me but boy did it hurt me to broke up with me via text and not willing to meet up. When I met him, I didn't think I would ever consider marriage again. I have been finding the blog at to be very enlightening. my ex and I are somewhat a long distance like an hour and a half apart.

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Certainly there are cases where a fear of being without a partner, rather than genuine attraction and emotional connection, motivates someone to immediately enter into a new relationship.

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