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If, on the other hand, your data's already in CSV or even XLS format, you can just write a VBA macro to loop over all of the files opening each in turn.This is beyond the scope of this reply, although you might find this video useful.We'll find the tag with class name started, and look at the inner text of the second tag within this (since there are two hyperlinks, and it's the second one which contains the author's name). However, it will be contained within an outer item which WILL have an id.Now we can begin writing the VBA to get at our data! You could always locate this (adapting the code in the blog), then loop over the elements within it to find the SELECT tag you want.

Financial Modeling Using Excel and VBA, designed for self-study, classroom use, and reference, presents a comprehensive approach to developing both simple and sophisticated financial models in all major areas of finance using both Excel and VBA.

CD with Windows To install the items from the CD to your hard drive, follow these steps: 1.

Insert the CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive. A window appears with the following options: Install, Explore, e Book, and Exit.

The book assumes only basic knowledge of finance and Excel, and no previous knowledge of VBA.

From that base, it teaches financial modeling, VBA, and advanced features of Excel using a unique, simple approach that is based on the author’s twenty years of experience in financial modeling in the business world and the classroom.

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