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In the previous chapter we talked about changing XML element data but not its structure.

Now we talk about a web application that let you modify both the structure and the content.

However, if you use text field or select list, the element would show up in XML as an empty element. Duplicate the selection and put it after the selection.

The newly generated element becomes the new selection.

You first select the element you want to operate on. Select list or radio button could not be implicitly selected.

The two are equivalent and you can use either one depending on your own preference.

If you make the select list at different times, it is possible to have different lists on different fields because the choices reflect the data at the time the list is made.

So if you want consistency, you should make all the lists at the same time before you change the data again.

Again let us look at look at the simplified Form Generator below or the real Form Generator page.

We leave the Schema blank because we will be talking about DTD and Schema in later chapters.

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Just like the browser display of XML data, "-" indicates that you can collapse the display of the element, while " " indicates that you can expand the display of the element. It is not completely clear what reset means after extensive editing.

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