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Remember, if you update your watch to watch OS 2 or 3, you will need to upgrade your i Phone to i OS 9 as well for the pairing to work.Here’s a simple rule to keep in mind: It is particularly important to remember this when you are buying a used Apple Watch from e Bay. If your jailbroken i Phone is still running i OS 8.4, make sure to get the watch that has not been updated to recent watch OS version (2.0 or higher); otherwise, you are asking for a lot of trouble!Hii i have a second hand jailbroken i Phone 3G and it still had the other persons details on it so I decided to restore it to factory settings but after I did it it said something went wrong and you need to restore it again (error code 1015) so I wondered... We always provide the most suitable and complete answer to your question at the top, along with a few good alternatives below.So my friend accidentally updated my iphone 3gs to the newest version while i was out of the room. I recently bought an Iphone4 that was jailbroken and now runs on t mobile. if so does putting it in recovery mode restore it because ive read some people get an error code at...

However, since you’re here it’s likely that you now want to figure out how to reset jailbroken i Phone so as to lose jailbreak features.The short answer is Yes as long as you can put up with some minor annoyances.Folks that have a jailbroken i Phone 6 and higher have noticed that the Apple Watch works flawlessly on their jailbroken phone.You might want to reset jailbroken i Phone to lose jailbreak features for the following reasons: Alternatively, you might also want to reset jailbroken i Phone without losing jailbreak features because you want to reserve your jailbreak but at the same time you want to fix or reset your i Phone as well.There are only a few solutions that allow you to reset jailbroken i Phone without losing jailbreak features.

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