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The Io T may be in its infancy in terms of broad consumer use, but for companies worldwide, it’s an irresistible market with trillion-dollar potential.Analysts believe that companies such as Apple and Google jumping into this space will not only speed up adoption of smart home devices, but also boost the perception that “Smart Tech” is secure."But, as we all know too well, identity by itself in the online world is no longer sufficient.""New technologies that focus on contextual access can connect to online databases and other authoritative sources to answer sophisticated questions like 'Is this person a doctor? These additional attributes augment identity so that organizations can be more confident that they are granting access to the correct parties."The average number of cloud services in use per enterprise rose to 1,031 in the last quarter of 2016, up from 977 the previous quarter, and shadow IT still presents a huge problem.For every instance of an employee correctly using an IT-approved app, there’s another employee using a personal, unsanctioned version, according to Netskope.This gives IT a chance to see if phishing attacks are underway.It also gives IT a chance to identify "shadow" services that employees are using without IT's knowledge."DMARC in effect has allowed email service providers to build a global army of virtual bouncers that protect consumers' inboxes from impersonators," said García-Tobar.Accountability for the security of technology devices came into the spotlight late last year after it was revealed that thousands of low security Internet of Things devices were used to launch large-scale DDo S attacks, impacting against D-Link Corporation and its U. subsidiary, claiming that "D-Link failed to take reasonable steps to secure its routers and Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, potentially compromising sensitive consumer information, including live video and audio feeds from D-Link IP cameras," according to an FTC Exploits driven by stolen or invented identities, also known as BEC attacks, grew in sophistication and effectiveness in 2016.BEC attacks compromised businesses in every market last year, including leading healthcare organizations, an NBA team, financial institutions, the World Anti-Doping Association, John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee, according to Brand Protect.

A recent buzzword in the world of technology, Io T is an evolving concept that refers to an Internet-like structure that connects uniquely identifiable objects — basically anything that can be tagged with an identifying chip."All you have to do is provide those bouncers with a whitelist of approved senders. Those words conjure thoughts of posters that wouldn’t be out of place in George Orwell’s Oceania."It used to be that IT staff had little oversight or control over this.But with DMARC, all of those services can be discovered and authorized (or denied) as soon as they attempt to send email.

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By controlling access, businesses can better control their sensitive business information."At the same time, the growing use of mobile phones is creating demand in the mobile threat defense market.

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