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“We’ve always been on the ground in Thailand, but it’s very hard to raise funds overseas.” Thrive hopes to build more group homes in Thailand and eventually expand to other parts of the world where child slavery exists.In addition to shelter services, the organization also operates Justice School, a Thailand faith-based, six-week training course designed to teach young adults to fight on behalf of social justice. regional director and survivor advocate, has plans to grow the organization that offers rescue houses to shelter children affected by sex trafficking.“It’s been kind of a dream for three years to have an office space here in the states,” said Nail, whose work here will raise money and educate people about sex trafficking.Three-year-old Max sorts through paper cards of all the letters just before bedtime, proudly finding a K at the request of his mom, Caren Wooldridge.Holding it up, he shows his other mom, Phoebe De Santis.Children wind up in sex trafficking through all sorts of scenarios, Nail said.“There's really no cookie-cutter mold for trafficking,” she said.

“This (arrangement) was an answer to our prayers.” Jodi Emerson, Fierce Freedom director of development, said Nail sometimes joins them on educational programs to add an international viewpoint.“The fact that our marriage is not recognized or honored or considered legitimate — it weakens our family somehow,” Amon said.“It sends them [the kids] a message that our family is less than all the other families.”There is also an extra cost, especially for couples who don’t have an attorney in the family.Prostitution and child slavery are illegal in Thailand, but sex-based tourism is a major industry there, Nail said. It’s almost hard to fathom until you get there and it hits you in the face,” she said.Some of the children the organization rescued eventually ended up with Thrive, she said.

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