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Page 456 - A Kaylor sighting (aka the "Boyfriend Karlie" sighting!This was in Beverly Hills, where Taylor has a home.While Karlie spent half of September rampantly tweeting/IGing during Taylor's promo work, Taylor went through a "rampant baking phase" while Karlie was at Paris Fashion Week with girls all over her. Karlie appears at the NYC Secret Session, stays for 30 mins, and is introduced to fans.

CHORUS : Then you say I want you for worse or for better I would wait forever and ever Broke your heart , I'll put it back together I would wait forever and ever And that's how It works That's how you get the girl Remind her how It used to be Pictures in frames , Of kisses on cheeks Tell her how you must have lost your mind When you left her all alone , And never told her why That's how It works That's how you lost the girl CHORUS' Cause you know I didn't want you to go ...

As queer people, music doesn’t always reflect our relationships so we project our experiences onto the songs that are out there but we need something to work with, something more generally about love.

Taylor Swift’s music never lent itself to any sort of queer projection until the release of her most recent album, is Taylor’s first pop album after a career in country music and it sold 1.287 million copies in the first week, making it the largest selling album since 2002.

Page 232 - Victoria Secret Fashion Show taping Page 237 - Victoria Secret Fashion Show airing Page 269 - Big Sur Road Trip/Taylor's PR rep leaves Page 344 - Karlie's birthday tweet from Taylor, and Karlie's response Page 354 - Daily Mail posts an article that Karlie has moved into Taylor's Bev Hills apartment.

The story was pulled without reason, but the damage was already done.

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