Sony tv epg not updating dating a asian man

Wrong or multiple Audio / Audio missing for some services / Audio and video not synchronous 3. Or there may be interferences with the antenna signal in some receiving conditions. To test if this is the case, please connect the antenna cable directly to the TV. Check the signal level in the TV or Set-Top Box menu. Check the position and performance of the antenna / satellite dish.

They have stayed in their new slots on ch1-5 and I'm very greatful for your knowledge and happy to have my tuner as it should be. No you didn't, but this is in the product description.ALL features should be available at all times with whatever configuration you have.Such as recording and satellite presets You View satellite etc should all work in conjunction with each other. And none whatever to tell you or anyone else this is a Freesat TV - Freesat implies an EPG for the satellite channels, and the best the set can do on satellite is Now/Next. How badly have I expressed myself, or how badly have you misunderstood me, to think that you and I think differently here, when as far as I can see we think exactly the same?But even while we are agreeing on this , I will take issue with your other point.

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