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Hopefully this year and many years to come., she can have lots of dramas and movies.particularly a comedy the big hit korean drama FULL HOUSE...I would prefer if her leading man in a comedy drama is Kim Ji Hoon since as I have watch KJH in some of his drama he exemplify a great humor in comedy..That is why I'm asking this question Correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't she look like Han Yoo Joo? It's normal for a couple to sacrifice for the one they truly when she comes back to korea after the presscon of The Crossing,you'll find time to talk with each other. May God Bless Both of you with a forgiving,loving and humble heart. I really love and miss both of in love with one another. Don't be pressured by other people, I'm sure your true and loyal fans will surely accept and understand your love for each other.What matters most is your love an time for ech other. Just fix your schedule ahead of time so that you'll be present during your birthdays,anniversaries,etc.

Hyun Bin's being away for the filming of Friend, Our Legend in Busan reportedly made the two realize they were in love.

if you say yes she will be happy and if not then we have no choice My forever female crush! You act so naturally and you are always so gorgeous. She won Best New Actress2007Award for playing well that female lead role. Then I found all the episodes dubbed in my dialect via You Tube. They're a little older now, but SHK really looks so beautiful, and Bi RAIN has matured since.

I like your simplicity, even in plain shirt and jeans ans sans make up, you stand out, a real beauty indeed! Song Hye Kyo is the most beautiful Korean I have ever seen thus far! I am looking forward to the future projects you'll have. It doesn't matter that the movie itself wasn't good in reviews or box-office or both, but it did matter that her own performance in those roles she took in say, "Fetish", or "Hwang Jin-Yi", and a few other movie roles were well performed to what she knows is within her "gifts" of acting ability. i am a tremendous fan of song hye gyo,,,i really love her versatility in acting,,,she has the most beautiful face and i admired her so much,,,my life is complete when i saw her in the tv screen,,,i was much happy when i found out that her co-star in worlds within was her real boyfriend hb,,,in fact i am big fan of them too,,they are really a perfect couple but i was sad then when i heard their relationship was ended,,,but anyway i believe that when god destine them in the future i think they get back in each other idol hye gyo i am sincerely your great fan and i really want to see you in person but it is just in dream only what matters to me i can see your amazing beauty on tv.i hope and prayed you and hyun bin will be working again i am longing to see you both on screen again in the future...i fermently praying that you and hyun bin will be back together again as real couple,,,if ever not hope both of you will be a good friends again in the future,,,i love you hye gyo,,,godbless and good luck to your career and love,,,fighting,,, Hello, I happened to come across Song Hye Kyo's and RAIN's FULL HOUSE months ago on GMA Network in the Philippines. Well, I got hooked and I think I've been watching it via YT 5X already. I hope to see both of them on the small screen or better, big screen.

Song finally made it big starring in KBS2' "Autumn in my Heart" with Song Seung-Heon in 2000 and "All In" with Lee Byung-Hun in 2003. horror film "Make Yourself at Home" in 2008 and was going to appear in the Chinese film "1949," but the movie was canceled by director John Woo.

The dramas' popularity soared not only in Korea, but also abroad including Japan, Taiwan and Europe, and Song finally became one of "Korea's sweethearts." Although Song Hye-Kyo's big-screen career has not met as much commercial success she is not afraid take on new challenges. She dated Hyun-Bin, her co-star from Worlds Within.......

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