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Then this POV humiliation fantasy will make you a wet weak bitch for Me...because I'm bringing a little dick loser to his knees for him to suck My shecock and lap up all My creamy cum, after being publicly ridiculed for his embarrassingly inadequate clitty.

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This all made Me so hard that I had to join in the action…both Shannon and I sitting back on the sofa together with the whore on his knees, one hand on each of our cocks…his mouth rushing back and forth between us, ensuring that each dick was shown proper devotion…and I bet the constant leaking of precum from My shecock made her strap-on dong taste and feel even more real.

But the fun truly began when we decided to break out My collection of toys!!!

Every submissive slut eventually craves to be My fucktoy and have their hole filled with every inch of My Goddess rod…and in this scorching hot video My slave "christawhore" is facefucked sloppy and hard, before I take his ass for the first time…using his tight hole to milk out a huge creamy cumshot, all over his face.531 MB m4v 50 min 720x480 _________________ PRINCESS PLEASURE – TV Kristina facefucks her slave Mikey Watch My slave "mikey" get used for My pleasure in every way, from intense facefucking, ball beating and ass fucking..whore knows how to please My sadistic sexual urges!336 MB m4v 32 min 720x480 _________________ TEASING TOYS – TV Kristina introducing her favorite toys As My empire of slaves grows, so does My experience with different sextoys..I've acquired a collection of the ones that I really enjoy using to dominate men...which I'll tell you all about as I walk you through My favorite teasing toys!And My studslut "toobigtravis" learns in this session, that his future is going to be sissified and chastised...being feminized as My cocksucking sexslave, while I take away his manhood by locking it up in chastity for My titillating abuse.459 MB m4v 38 min 720x480 _________________ HOW TO SERVE Christawhore slave serving TV Kristina-mistress My slave "christawhore" showers My body with adoration and I use his body as My sextoy...facefucking, massage worship, ass play, ball beating and mindfucking make it all so hot!!!

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