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I was still be able to access extplorer directly, only after deinstallation and complete new installation of the new version it redirects me to the homepage when trying to access directly...Thanks but you need to work on install and update process!If a site need lot of edits in the time, it is a good and rapid solution to access site files from everywhere.If you know what this is and how to use it then please use it - unsupported and I'll not answer questions on it :-) ETaylor/8042402(Hint: mod_security rule for serious servers)Seriously folks there is no reason ever to install this component on any site ever.HERE is how to gain access to the e Xtplorer admin panel, where you login with the defaults, and then respond to a message that says your password is not really secure (I am not making this up...) - and you can change it. ... Luckily, my web host was quickly on to the hackers, and prevented any real damage by locking out public access and alerting me.I deleted the one file the host found in the root of the Joomla!Once you sign in with a username and password, you have unlimited access to all site files, getting past all permissions, etc. The defaults are "admin" and "admin" - brilliant, no?

I would like to track down which systems are affected (I guess those who have an empty or different value for $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'])ciao, Sören can you email a zip copy of that file if it still exists to vel then remove from your server and ask your host to grep accounts for it.We have a number of these files which our own maldet scanner has picked up.I can grab a copy of each file quarantined and email them through shortly for you if cf1237 doesn't have them anymore.system:/www/www/mysite/.cpanel_Never a dull moment! HTHI would just like to add that i have confirmed this on J3.1.1 - J3.2.0 so far (although this should be completely independent of Joomla version)As this affects who knows how many sites that we host, this is an issue because it means that we will have to manually go through and uninstall extplorer from each site What i want to know is...How did the extplorer team let this massive security hole stay in the software?

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This is not the first time their has been a wide open hole in this component and it probably wont be the last I have to admit that I don't see reason why you should bash an extension developer with the comment like this one.

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