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Samantha is finding a loving, committed relationship more grueling than she could have imagined.Miranda unwittingly lets her own unhappiness--created when Steve admits to cheating on her just once--spoil Carrie's. Kissing Written by Steffen Aaskoven, Marc-George Andersen, Salvador Embalo, Lars Erlandsson, Sanne Gottlieb Tyron (as Sanne Gottlieb), Klaus Jensen, Paw Lagermann and Fredrik Lenander Performed by Bliss Courtesy of Quango Music Group, Inc.The movie overall had a very cute, however stupid, story line, but the portrayal of that story line goes down hill in a hurry thanks to the direction of the film maker. I just don't see the humor in "Coc..s.and motherf..over and over throughout the movie. To see how much they can get away with and still make a boatload of $$$? The charters were cast perfectly and it was a fun film to watch. Cameron Diaz I love you, but you can do much better than this.Ever since Seth Grogan came on the scene, who's mouth spews filth from every direction, Hollywood has been pushing the limits with each new "comedy" film. Everything is brought out on the screen and in disgusting dialog that leave little if any to one's imagination. To push the sensor meter to the limit and get a positive rise out of the audience? Yet it did not resemble Sex Tape in any way, shape or form in language content or visual calamity.

The most obvious scenes to illustrate this are when Carrie tries on designer wedding dresses for a Vogue shoot, which goes on for an excruciating 10 minutes, followed closely by Carrie and co.

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Davis is ultimately given a thankless role in this film.

However, it is Samantha who is given the most honest adaptation.

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