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Several of my friends have been actively seeking work for over two years. Sixty to seventy percent of "grower chat" focuses on money problems.

The poor chumps get worked and exploited by those who have the resources and funds. Just as Redwoods dwarf almost every other species of tree in both size and beauty, so does Humboldt's herb make virtually every other strain grown in North America seem like second-rate Mexican schwag weed. If, for some reason, you decide to randomly explore back roads between August and October -- harvest season -- you take your life in your hands. In the city of Arcata there are roughly four officers on duty for a population of 12,000 people. Aside from the burgs which can afford their own police department there are only the County Sheriffs and CHP (as in Ponch and Jon from "CHi Ps," remember? That doesn't mean squat if you run off the road near Ferndale or are assaulted outside of Garberville. The only person covering your buns, making sure you are safe, in Humboldt County is yourself.No problem with that aching tooth, jaw, and an acrid pus taste in your mouth, right?After all you're growing pot and what could be better than that?If the crop goes perfectly, and there are no evictions, molds, early freezes, loss of power, unexpected emergencies with no friend to come water the plants for three days, etc., then the project will probably earn ,000. Helping water, tend, or guard a crop pays much, much worse. Restated, a ten thousand dollar loan costs twenty grand.This is dependent upon time of year, quality of strain, desperation of the buyer and seller, etc. Say costs are twenty grand for living and twenty grand for setting up, that makes forty K in order to get rolling. Usually people do that simply to apprentice, to get into the industry, to learn tricks of the trade. First they have to pay back the principal to the grantor. These are rumored to be the standard operation rates; some are better, some get much worse.

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