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While this is technically free, a donation is asked for. No play on words here -- just lots of cool water features.

Either way, you get a chance to do yoga with one of the better views of the skyline. With events ranging from up-and-coming to well-known national writers, it's always great to get in touch with your literary side. or just watch others take a stab at it and then rethink the whole thing.

Play ping-pong, check out a book, and play some putt-putt. Main Street Garden Park is smack in the heart of Downtown. Belo Garden features plenty of native trees, gardens, and a fountain plaza. From funky sculptures to graffiti art, Deep Ellum has some must-see spots. A beautiful tribute honoring former free slaves from Freedman’s Town in the 1850s.

Clayton County police say 49-year-old Sandra Barnett was kidnapped by Lisa Brown at her Ellenwood, Ga., home on Wednesday afternoon.The Durango suddenly stopped in the middle of the interstate at mile marker 208.At that point, authorities said Brown shot Sandra Barnett and turned the gun on herself.Keith Marcus Prosser, 43, left, of Flowery Branch was arrested for possession of child pornography.Hans Gunther Prosser, 51, of Flowery Branch faces a charge of possession of cocaine as well as an immigration hold and a superior court probation warrant.

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