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While Uncle gets stuck on the word “homo”, assuming that Uncle has understood, Nikhil agrees that yes, some people use that word too.After Nikhil leaves, clueless Uncle proceeds to ask his grandson what the word “homo” means, who explains to him what/who are homo sapiens — leaving Uncle even confused, because now he wants to know what problem does Nikhil have in getting married, because after all, “we all are homo sapiens!Anand simply puts everything in the context of the ever-popular cricket for Pappu.He says that while most Jacks would like to play with Jill, there are times when Jack can play with Johnny too, or Jill can play with Ginny. An alarmed Papa looks at Anand disapprovingly – how can it be that simple, his expression says.

Abish Mathew and YFilms Ladies Room stars Saba Azad and Shreya Dhanwanthary make interesting cameos.The video shines light on exactly what is missing from the dining-room conversations in many Indian houses, and the reason why stigma against the LGBTQ community continues to be propagated widely.It also shows how conversations within a family can be conducted in a constructive way, that not only helps in children – and sometimes even elders – understanding the world better, but also strengthen the bond within a family. Now, add the concept of homesexuality to the mix, and the decibel of the whole discussion changes. There are marches, talks, parades and debates to spread awareness, along with members from the art and film communities lending their voice in their own unique way… Shouted out loud or said in a whisper – seemingly minor decisions such as this can not only have significant implications, but also inadvertently slot a person in a particular school of thought and ideology. We’re talking about what is homosexuality; about how it’s not a choice, but a way of being; about the need to accept that LGBTs are humans too, and there is nothing wrong with them!

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