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I used to live off of fresh cut OJ and still maintaned the size of a regular guy which was excellant for a Fruitarian because I worked out hard and consistantly.Be wary of any big Raw Vegan you see because most of those are infact not true raw vegans. Americans generally have two features in common: they are overfat and undermuscled.Unfortunately, this form of failure on raw foods happens all too frequently.Usually, we blame the addictiveness of cooked food or our own weaknesses rather than acknowledging that we were eating a nutritionally unbalanced and unsustainable raw food diet.hey, mad05c, I'm not a bulker, so I can only give you leads.Here is a page (has a daily meal example for muscle gain); I cannot vouch for its veracity : Maybe go to Bigbwii's new site he is a former fruitarian who was/is well built.As well as the Charlie's Gym site I directed you before; he has a food plan -- did you see it? A book you may want to check out by Arlin: interview with him here: luck!I honestly don't think it's possible to bulk up living the Raw Vegan lifestyle until you have cleaned out completely and even then I don't think you will have the mentality or urge to want to over eat in that way, that would be living a raw vegan lifestyle by cooked food standards and believe me the two don't mix.

Eating foods that require less fuel for the digestive process frees up more fuel to use for activity.

We have shrunk our stomachs to the point of deformity through the continual consumption of concentrated foodstuffs. Therefore removing them from our food must be to our detriment.

By removing the fiber (juicing), by removing the water (cooking or dehydrating), and by increasing the fat levels above 10% of total calories consumed (cooked or raw, plant or animal, fat is fat), we mimic the SAD with many of our raw food dishes. All health experts worldwide agree that we must make dramatic decreases in our fat consumption if we ever hope to achieve health.

Still, I am asked all the time, "what do I eat to gain weight?

" After discerning that the requested weight gain is not to be in the form of fat or water, the question is refined to, "what do I eat to gain muscle?

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The SAD, vegetarian, vegan and most raw diets tend to have these same three features in common: low water, low fiber and high fat.

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