Questions to ask a girl at speed dating

At lot of single professionals come straight from work so are in smart suits and dresses.

What to wear speed dating women – a nice dress and heels is a great option, but also make sure you are comfortable too. Ladies, I’ve been there myself and the following speed dating tips for ladies are essential: Come with an open mind Make sure you are sitting down before you read this next sentence: you probably won’t meet Ryan Gosling or George Clooney at your singles event. You will however meet new people who aren’t in your normal circle.

One of the best dating tips I give guests is to avoid talking about work too much at singles nights. Although it’s nice to hear what people do to get a sort of background picture, don’t spend your precious 4 minute speeddate explaining how you’ve just taken on a new really complex finance modeling system which is bound to boggle and bore your date.

You want to be memorable and have 4 minutes fly by and leave your date wanting more.

It’s natural to arrive a little nervous to a speed dating event, particularly if you have never been speed dating before and don’t know what to expect.

What to wear speed dating men – nice shoes, smart jeans and tailored collared shirt is always a wining combo! So don’t be afraid to find a new gig buddy or jogging partner.

If ladies places are sold out, this often means there are women on the waiting list, but we need more guys to book first.

If you leave your booking till on the day, when we contact the waitlist they have made other plans or it’s too late notice.

It’s great having moral support from your bestie, but you do risk chatting to your friend and not getting out of your comfort zone.

Also consider being split up from your friends when the speed dating starts.

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