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"There are no corporate meetings or outside control or interference.

The freedom of expression is absolute and that is a gift for the moment.

---Raymond Chandler Never get out of bed before noon. No one knows what poetry is here in Hollywood because it isn't printed on money.

"We are connecting with loads of people." It's a change of pace for Proops, who spent years on the American and British versions of improv-games show Whose Line. I have never planned, as I am terrible at business.

When he wasn’t doing Ugly Betty or Flight of the Concords, Greg was making people think and laugh liberally as a stand-up and podcaster.

Versatile and thoughtful, he’ll quote a Greek philosopher in one breath and sing a 1970’s punk ballad in the next.

The atmosphere was permissive and there was a feeling everyone was in- women, gay, blacks, Latinos, Asians, Indians. The Pork Store on Haight was my saturday breakfast place for years.

Then Reagan stole the election and the poor were demonized. The Holy City Zoo was the smallest dank closet ever. I did NY Eve 1988 there with Jeremy Kramer and Henriette Mantel and we made Jeremy close because we were too afraid. Leon’s Ribs on Fillmore was grand now long gone as is Do-City on Divis.

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  1. We scoured the interwebs and our own treasure trove of celebrity knowledge to bring you 15 women who shocked us just a bit when they stepped out with white men.