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Though physical attractiveness is subjective, there do seem to be some general standards most people agree upon, and most couples, it seems, are within a few levels of attractiveness of each other.So if you’re someone who’s average or below on the attractiveness scale but highly value a potential partner’s attractiveness, are you open to someone in the same general attractiveness range as you?But some members and non-members still believe physical appearance is the most or one of the most important qualities to consider when evaluating someone’s partner potential.So even though the “science behind love” doesn’t show that attractiveness is a quality that predicts and sustains happy, long-term relationships, why do some people use that criteria so soon in the evaluating process?How important is that “head-over-heels feeling” when you first start dating someone?If you don’t start feeling it after the first few months of dating, does that signal a problem, even if the relationship is going well?

How much sexual chemistry do I need to have in order to pursue someone romantically?

Or does this preference mean you are only interested in someone who rates high on the attractiveness scale and brings much more to the looks department than you do?

Does this mean you won’t consider someone because they aren’t “good looking” or have a physical quality you don’t find attractive, even though you could be similarly discounted by others?

You are overwhelmed with all sorts of new feelings and social pressures. Usually we lust after people we do not know well, people we still feel comfortable fantasizing about.

It is very common for people to confuse lust for love. What is it about lust and love that make them so easy to mix up?

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