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There are groups like the Drivers’ Alliance, who state that ‘freedom to travel is a fundamental human right’ and that any policies that restrict this freedom are flawed.

(In case you were wondering, travelling by car isn’t actually covered by the Human Rights Act, which instead chooses to focus a bit more on the right to life, not being tortured, having a fair trial, stuff like that.) Then there’s the Alliance for British Drivers, whose mission is to ‘provide an active, responsible voice to lobby on behalf of Britain’s beleaguered drivers upon many issues, especially those where official policy in recent years has been to discriminate against drivers’.

In America, homicide rates by gun are much higher in the cores of large metro areas, where there are larger concentrations of gangs and unequal distributions of wealth.

In Britain, vehicle accidents tend to happen in cities, which is hardly surprising; a car is a ridiculously inadequate way to squish through the tight grids of buildings, roads and walkways that were originally designed for a very different type of horsepower.

Take the 2015 Summer Budget, for example, when George Osborne dismantled the current vehicle excise duty taxation system by announcing that all cars were to pay the same £140 annual fee after their first year on the road.

From 2017, a one-year-old Range Rover will be taxed at the same rate as a Prius.

For America’s guns there’s the NRA and for London’s cars there are fossil fuel companies.

Companies like BP and Shell enjoy unprecedented access to our ministers, and these relationships have policy implications that keep us firmly in our cars.

The second is to go further than the Yanks have dared and actually enforce it.And yes, his Vision for Cycling has put more people on bikes, but without robust legislation to get people out of their cars, it’s done little to make London safer or cleaner.Johnson’s lacklustre approach to congestion has only been made worse by a 25 per cent drop in the price of petrol, 30,000 new Uber app downloads every week, and a population that is set to grow by 1.5 million by 2030.The world is undergoing the largest wave of urban growth in history.This is only going to make matters worse, as cities are particularly unsuited to guns and cars.

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