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When Chatroulette, the site that paired strangers together for web-cam or text conversations, launched in November 2009 it had 500 visitors per day.

In just four months, that grew to 1.5 million users Tinder-style location software so you can e-chat to people nearby.

I’ve never actually managed to go on a date with one.” After being strung along by a series of pen pals, Caroline, 32, has called time.

“I’ve got to the point where I’m like, so, James or Tim or whoever, it’s been nice telling you how I am every few days for three months, but, it’s over.

The game is really fun.” It’s easy to think not meeting up is the equivalent of ‘he’s just not that into you’. It’s not just the game-like interface of Tinder that’s so appealing but the very act of communicating with a stranger.

“If the woman suggests a date and he refuses, this is suspicious,” says Max*, author of Tinder for Experts: How To Stop Losing Hot Matches, Wasting Time, And Getting Nowhere.

“There’s something he’s hiding: perhaps his profile is exaggerated or his girlfriend would kill him if she found out he was snooping around on Tinder.” Will, 24, admits many of his coupled-up friends are still regular Tinder users.

During weeks of meet-less messaging, date hints had trailed off like shooting stars.

She soon blamed constant busy schedules, school holidays, weddings and hangovers.

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