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The results showed that pressure from a virtual peer can influence the behaviour of a person.The ones who tagged the most objects in Brooklyn Atlantis photos were those who saw a virtual peer that consistently outperformed them.

Even more exciting was the fact that we can anticipate such a response using a mathematical model,” Porfiri said, in the paper published in the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology.

Splitting the 120 participants, they formed a control group with no virtual peer and two groups for which the virtual peer’s performance varied according to an independent algorithm.

For the three remaining groups, the virtual peer’s performance varied in relation to the user: One consistently underperformed the real user, one consistently outperformed, and the other performed on par with the real user.

The founding members of this New Haven group, (which now reaches ten New Haven public schools with over 100 volunteers) established Peer Health Exchange, Inc in 2003.

They brought their program to New York City first, training over 150 volunteers from Barnard College, Columbia University, and New York University and reaching 1300 low-income high school students that would otherwise have not received any health education in school.

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