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"In the early days," Miller said, "Dave and I would have every single post in the site e-mailed to us.

One day we had 1,700 or 1,800 e-mails waiting for us that morning. ' Looking over some of the e-mail, we could tell that people had actually started to chat on that page." All the descriptive text is written in the cheerful, warm voice of Bianca, the site's avatar of love and tolerance.

" Ironically, the founders of didn't set out to create a sex site when they started out back in 1994.

Take Bianca's "Altar Room." Tonight it's full of users with female handles.

The number was written as a cute slogan for the jog-a-thon event, but turned out to be a real phone line that was a she-male sex chat line.

Despite the shirt faux pas, Howland says the jog-a-thon raised ,000 for student activities.

T-shirts distributed to Orange County elementary students for a school fundraiser have been recalled after a parent discovered that the phone number printed on the back of the shirts was a sex chat line.

Linda Vista Elementary School Principal Jackie Howland says the shirts featured the school's mascot of a lion running with a 1-800 number written in words not digits.

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