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Historically, and even on some modern embedded systems, the file systems either had no support for directories at all or only had a "flat" directory structure, meaning subdirectories were not supported; there were only a group of top-level directories each containing files.In modern systems, a directory can contain a mix of files and subdirectories.(For example, "C:\Temp\." grants access only to C:\Temp\, not to its subdirectories.)In members that accept a parameter, the search string can be any combination of literal characters and two wildcard characters; * and ? This parameter does not recognize regular expressions.For more information, see the Enumerate Directories The following example demonstrates how to use the Enumerate Files method to retrieve a collection of text files from a directory, and then use that collection in a query to find all the lines that contain "Example".There is a difference between a directory, which is a file system concept, and the graphical user interface metaphor that is used to represent it (a folder).For example, Microsoft Windows uses the concept of special folders to help present the contents of the computer to the user in a fairly consistent way that frees the user from having to deal with absolute directory paths, which can vary between versions of Windows, and between individual installations.In early versions of Unix the root directory was the home directory of the root user, but modern Unix usually uses another directory such as /root for this purpose.

For example, if a path is fully qualified but begins with a space (" c:\temp"), the path string isn't trimmed, so the path is considered malformed and an exception is raised.

The name folder, presenting an analogy to the file folder used in offices, and used in a hierarchical file system design for the Electronic Recording Machine, Accounting (ERMA) Mark 1 published in 1958 is used in almost all modern operating systems' desktop environments.

Folders are often depicted with icons which visually resemble physical file folders.

To demand permissions for a directory and all its subdirectories, end the path string with the directory separator character.

(For example, "C:\Temp\" grants access to C:\Temp\ and all its subdirectories.) To demand permissions only for a specific directory, end the path string with a period.

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