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Presenting consumers with the right balance and quantity of ad messages across a diverse media landscape is likely to influence positive interaction and reduce analysis paralysis.During the year 2000, Sheena Iyengar of Columbia University and Mark Lepper of Stanford University conducted a study that found when participants were faced with a smaller rather than larger array of chocolates, six versus 24 options, they were actually more satisfied with their tasting, proving quality opposed to quantity of diverse options is the key to understanding preferences, making better decisions, and understanding context effects.If you know a particular user is in the market for a new car, showing that user only and too many auto ads on auto sites will likely make them quickly tune out the strikingly similar messages from different auto advertisers – and could go so far as to have the converse affect the advertiser wished their ad to instigate.Worst case scenario, too many of the same ad could delay the user from making a purchase at all because they feel overwhelmed by too many choices or — worse — annoyed.

Of the online dating market’s 14 brands, the top five names account for nearly 95% of that ad spend, according to i Spot’s data.If you were doing one combination a second, it would take 3.18 years to develop a campaign.Luckily, for advertisers and daters, there are systems that process all of this information, and there are extremely brilliant analysts to make sense of it all and distill the possibilities into the most actionable insights.Getting those profiles will likely decrease his interest in the matches and make him less likely to look at more matches in the future (confidence in future relevancy). He received too much of a good thing and didn’t have enough match diversity to instigate action.This is more fondly referred to today as “analysis paralysis.” The same behavioral psychology manifests in advertising.

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