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I understood what I was missing all along, and this is no disrespect to my boyfriend in high school.

This is just, like, more of a knowing—like I met this woman, and I was like, “oh, I get it now.

Especially in regions or cultures that devalue queer relationships and lack queer role models, as in Wambach’s Catholic community, it can be hard for young people to even imagine what their lives could be like as queers.

So I want to ask you more about like comprehending your sexuality, your sexual orientation. Was it helpful on Long Island to have had a boyfriend, to have had sex with a boy, so that you could know with more certainty, “no, I love women?

You were considered, like, the jock couple of Rochester, New York.

Do straight men need to sleep with other men to justify their sexuality to themselves and the world?

Most straight people would object to that preposterous proposal—they know who they are and what they like, and they don’t need to prove it to themselves or anyone else by trying out every other option.

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