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(e) “Law in practice” denotes Nepal Interim Constitution 2063 and the Nepal laws in practice that are not in discord with the interim constitution.However, this definition will not act as a barrier to the legal order prior to the implementation of Interim Constitution 2063 (f) “Verification” means the factual details to be prepared by the United Nations by verifying the army, fighters and arms 3.Direct or indirect use of any type of weapon or acts of attack against each other. Searching or confiscating weapons belonging to other side with or without weapons at the place where the arms have been stored as per the understanding reached between both sides. Hurt or render mental pressure against any individual. They agree to put to an end, on an immediate basis, activities like taking the educational institutions under control and using them, abducting teachers and students, taking them under control and making them to disappear, and to not to establish barracks in a way that it would impede them. Both sides agree that the private property of any individual would not be seized or usurped, except permitted by the laws. Both sides believe in the fact that the industrial climate in the country should not be disturbed and production should be given continuity and that the right of collective bargaining and social security should be respected.They also believe in the fact that if any problem arises between the business houses and labourers, they should be encouraged to resolve the problem in a peaceful manner. Both sides fully agree to protect the rights of the women and children in a special way, to immediately stop all types of violence against women and children, including child labour as well as sexual exploitation and abuse.Both sides agree to give continuity to the task of monitoring of the human rights provisions mentioned in this agreement by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Nepal. Both sides agree for the monitoring of the management of arms and the armies by the United Nations Mission in Nepal as mentioned in the five-point letter send to the UN earlier and in the present agreement. Both sides agree to get the United Nations supervise the election to the Constituent Assembly. The National Human Rights Commission shall also carry out works related to the monitoring of human rights as mentioned in this agreement together with the responsibility assigned to it as per the laws. In connection with carrying out its works, the Commission can take the help of national and international human rights organisations after maintaining necessary coordination with them. Both sides agree to accept the reports submitted by the above-mentioned bodies, to provide the information requested by them, and to implement the suggestions and recommendations given by them on the basis of consensus and dialogue.

3.1 Based on the 2063 Kartik 22 decisions (Appendix-6) of the leaders of the SPA and CPN (Maoist) ensure a far-reaching political, economic and social transformation 3.2 Based on the Interim Constitution, create an interim legislature-parliament and by Jestha of 2064, under the interim government, hold free and fair lections of the Constituent Assembly, and internalize in practice the sovereignty inherent in Nepali citizens 3.3 None of the rights regarding the system of governance of the state will be vested on the king.In short, this agreement will be called “Shanti Samjhauta” [Peace Agreement] 1.2 This agreement will be effective today via public announcement by the government and the Maoist 1.3 Both sides will issue the necessary instructions to their respective sides to implement and to put this agreement into practice, as well as they will implement and will have others implement it 1.4 All agreements, understandings and codes of conduct, and decisions among the SPA, the Government, and the Maoists and included in the appendix will be considered the integral to this agreement 1.5 Any understanding and agreements to be reached in future, as required, in order to implement this agreement will also be considered integral to this agreement. Definition: In this agreement, unless the subject matter and context otherwise requires, (a) “Ceasefire” means the prohibition of all types of attacks, abductions, disappearances, obstructions, mobilization of armed forces, their strengthening, offensive and violent activities by the government and the Maoists aimed at both parties, and the and the activities that induce anarchy, provocation, or instigation.(b) “Interim Constitution” means the “Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063” that will be in effect until a new constitution will be written and implemented by the Constituent Assembly.Preamble Respecting popular mandate of Nepali people expressed in favor of democracy, peace and progression through the historical struggles and people's movements, time and again, from 2007 BS and even before till now; Reaffirming the full commitment towards the twelve-point agreement reached between seven political parties, CPN (Maoist), eight- point consensus, twenty-five point code of conduct held between Government of Nepal and CPN (Maoist), decision made in the meeting held between apex leaders of seven political parties and CPN (Maoist) held on Nov. The name of this agreement is "Comprehensive Peace Agreement".8 2006 including all agreement, consensus, code of conduct reached between Government of Nepal and CPN (Maoist), and letters of similar viewpoints sent to United Nations; Expressing determination for progressive restructuring of the state to resolve existing problems in the country, based on class, cast, region, sex; Reiterating the full commitment towards democratic value and acceptance including competitive multiparty democratic system of governance, civil liberty, fundamental rights, human rights, full press freedom and concept of rule of law; Remaining committed towards Universal Declaration of Human rights, 2048, international humanitarian laws and basic principles and acceptance relating to human rights; Keeping democracy, peace, prosperity, progressive economic and social change and independence, indivisibility, sovereignty, and self respect of the country at centre; Expressing commitment to hold election to constituent assembly in free and fair manner till the end of the month of Jeth 2064 BS; Declaring the beginning of a new chapter of peaceful collaboration by ending armed struggle continued in the country from 2052 BS through political consensus between the two parties to ensure sovereignty of Nepali People through constituent assembly, forward looking political resolution, democratic restructuring of the state and economic-social and cultural transformation; This comprehensive peace agreement has been reached between Government of Nepal and CPN (Maoist) with commitment to transform ceasefire between Government of Nepal and CPN (Maoist) into sustainable peace. In short the agreement shall be called Peace Agreement. The agreement shall come into force after public declaration by the government and Maoist side. Both the sides shall give necessary directives to all the agencies under their control for immediate implementation of this agreement and to abide by it and implement it and get it implemented. All the agreement, consensus and decision reached between seven political parties, the government and Maoists that are enclosed in annex shall be integral part of this agreement. The consensus and agreement to be reached hereafter for the implementation of this agreement shall also be the integral part of this agreement. Definition: Unless the subject and context mean otherwise, in this agreement: (a) "Ceasefire"means the acts to negate all forms of aggressions, kidnappings, disappearances, taking into custody aimed at each other and between Government of Nepal and CPN (Maoist), mobilisation and strengthening of armed forces, destruction in the society by any means including aggression and activities of violence and acts of incitement and instigation.

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