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That is then being the back seat driver, and as one poster already said, two drivers are not a wise idea.

Ladies, if you love/respect your man, and you believe he loves you, then allow him to have the reins.

I think that feminism is a boon to men like the OP--one who feels and is almost crushed by the awesome responsibility that "men" bear. I can only think that it's a GOOD thing for each person in a coupledom to at times be "the strong one" and at other times be "the weak one". I want him to initiate contact, the first kiss, etc. Controlling says we will go out to dinner even if I am too tired.

I've said it before--the synergy between the two people IS love, as long as you trust your "other" to be there for you when you need it. A leader looks to what is truly best for his followers and not just what he wants.

"Call me old-fashioned, but I think many women out there do not want to 'lead.' That's a lot of responsibility that no one wants to shoulder. I believe that many women today find a lot of men wishy-washy.

I'm probably gonna get in trouble for this, but I think deep-down many women wish men would grow a pair and lead. I'm talking about someone who is open to input and considers options, but who ultimately takes the lead in the relationship. In a lot of men's defense, a lot of women have evolved and changed and are experimenting with what used to be term (and still is), " a man's world".

Please don't tell him with one side of your mouth " I want you to lead," and then with the other, in effect say, "but I don't trust your lead." That is a sure road to dissolution of the relationship.

A man who loves his wife (partner for the PC crowd) is going to be concerned about making a decision that would impact her.

I'm not that girl, but if that's what you're looking for, I can attest that they still exist. I will only follow a man I truly believe in, and those are far and few between.

If you want the man to lead then get out of the way and let the man lead.

If you want him to lead follow his lead, don't then go back and say but I want to have final say over the decision.

Yet how does she gain trust unless she allows him to be in control and then builds trust when she sees that he is guiding them in a good way, as you have described it? I am quite happy to go along at the guy's pace or to lead and chase, whatever is appropriate really. Ladies, Allow me to provide another view upon this gentle, yet confusing, topic.

I like a man who is "all man", and one who appreciates a woman who is "all woman", yet they are on the same intellectual, physical and emotional level, and are on the same page together. I like the way that you have described a man's leadership role to a tea. (*wink*) I truly wish that there were more men out there like you. As I put forth in my profile, I am not looking for woman to walk in front as the dominant partner, not am I looking for a woman to walk behind, as if subservient; rather, I desire a woman who can walk by my side as a partner, an equal in the relationship.

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