Male ideas on courtshipdating in taming of the shrew

Katharina is an ill-tempered shrewish woman but a lusty young nobleman, Petruchio (Richard Burton), takes on the challenge of taming and marrying her.

A subplot involves the wooing of Bianca by several suitors including handsome Lucentio (Michael York), foppish Hortensio (Victor Spinetti), and elderly Gremio (Alan Webb).

Perhaps the greatest author of all time, Shakespeare will never be forgotten.

Another interesting part of the play is Petrucchio’s domestication of Katherine.

It was great to be able to read about this and I thought it was revolutionary for Shakespeare to be almost perfect at relating to women.

The film was marketed quite misogynistically, including the use of the taglines "A motion picture for every man who ever gave the back of his hand to his beloved... Taylor and Burton put over a million dollars into the production and, instead of a salary, took a percentage of profits.

Rather, it offers a significant glimpse into the future lives of married couples, one that serves to round out its exploration of the social dimension of love.

Unlike in Romeo and Juliet, inner emotional desire plays only a secondary role in The Taming of the Shrew’s exploration of love.

I find it amazing that Shakespeare understood women so well and writes them even better. Their witty back and forth banter is very interesting to read.

You can tell between the back and forth of all the sexual tension between the two.

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