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The author has a grand sense of humor and at the same time the instinct of a reseacher.Anyone interested in the Laterna Magica should visit this site The National Museum of American History has an exhibit, produced by the Photographic History Collection, called Magic Lanterns Magic Mirrors.This slide has two frames, one showing the youngster up and the other down.I have retouched this slide slightly to remove a scratch in one frame.

Magic lanterns of the style shown here were made as early as the 18th century and references to such devices can be found even earlier. It can project a small image about 2 feet by 2 feet (1.5m x 1.5m).The little 'nursery' magic lantern is powered by a tiny kerosene lamp and was made in Germany by E. Many thanks to John-Henry Collinson for telling me about the nursery lantern.After looking at a few slides, you might want to solve this lantern puzzle We cannot provide valuations for these items.Return to Table of Contents This collection contains Ernst Plank's Climax model magic lantern with three circular lantern slides.One slide contains six caricatures of animals, the second contains images of people (the Malay, the European, the Kaucasian, the American, the Australian, the Ethiopian), and the third contains a representative image of six countries (Switzerland, America, Italy, the Russian Steppes, China, and Germany).

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