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I'm typing and constantly stopping to wipe tears away.. Looking for what to do when you're lonely and sad, or looking for a bored and lonely (or depressed) chat room? There are so many others out there feeling the same way. If you don't have that special thing from day one chances are you get older and realize what that empty spot really is. We got married 1.5 years ago and the second we got back from our honeymoon all affection and intimacy stopped like a light switch. Everyone thinks hes this great guy and lately he will do anything to prove that. You shouldn't have to force someone to make a space in their life for you, because if they... I didn't want my son to grow up without me in his life. But inside, there is always the hunger for true companioship between married couples. Someday ur gonna miss all the times I asked for a kiss and u didn't give me one Someday ur gonna miss me asking for a foot massage after a 12 hour set up day and u didn't bother with me Someday ur gonna miss having me... I hate not having someone to sit up with, chat to, laugh with & be intimate with.

Regardless of where you're at or what you're feeling, we have a home for you here. I was always the one to apologize first, but now, I don't care anymore. If you are tired of being lonely and having no one to relate then I suggest you give it a try. and I have no family, no friends, and no social life. I'm not sure why I'm doing this or what I hope to achieve.. I've been hurt too much by my 'friends' that now, my expression is... This social network is for people to find REAL friends and start living life. I found myself typing 'I'm lonely' into Google this evening and am wondering if I've finally lost it. I never thought I would be one to post this story....considering I always believed myself to be alone by choice, but that was a falsified damnation that doomed me into years of denying the truth that I was lonely in my endeavors, lonely in my longing for companionship, lonely in... If someone asks you how you’re feeling and you say fine, although a bit lonely, be prepared to have them either laugh at you, berate you, ignore you or turn away. Yesterday, I was listening to David, who has been such a chatterbox lately - he's gotten maddening, honestly.Like any kid with autism, he's got a lot of repetitive behaviors, and one of his is something they call echolalia.

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