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Many liquidation have started and some of them even finished, but you need to check what we at MH Legal recommend to look when you have your company dissolved.A recent changes to the NRA and NSSI internal ordinances, have affected the liquidation terms. Find out by slotting some "ball-park" figures into our Liquidation Wizard, it’s easy, quick, and calculates the overall financial position.Click to start This is done at meetings of the shareholders and creditors, who generally deal with the matter by post and in practice creditors are unlikely to attend in person, particularly for small companies.The easiest way to find that is to ask your accountant if they have filed nil annual accounts.

If the estate is large enough, there may be state and/or federal estate taxes to pay as well.

In both cases the property transfer needs to be recorded in the Land Registry.

MH Legal law office provides professional company winding up (liquidation) services. Milen Hristov, besides being a solicitor, is also a state certified liquidator with the Bulgarian Registry Agency.

We have excellent home insurance rates, from private and let household policies, to complicated property owners or commercial property insurance.

We have the experience and knowledge to help you find the policy that is right for you.

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