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A 9-year-old New Zealand girl was sent sexually explicit photographs of a Florida man whom she had been chatting with on a social networking website.

In my last post, I talked about good animal parents. At 25 days you start to worry that if you step too hard you’ll fall through the earth and not stop until you reach Madrid. He’s done his best to keep her water bottle filled and go out to grab whatever the insectivore equivalent to a Double Down is, but short of constructing a small trolley for her to wheel herself around on, there’s not much he can do. However, as with most things, it turns out that male seahorses getting pregnant is actually a bit more complex than you might think.He promises never to say anything ever again, and so the circle of life continues as it should. Speaking of weird fish…“Why do shark babies cannibalise each other in the womb?” is a question you never knew you wanted to ask with an answer you probably know that you don’t want to hear.They told the FBI a man who called himself Mac and lived in Florida had been inappropriately chatting with a young girl for three months before her father became aware of it.Local police and FBI investigators tracked "Mac" down and established he was actually Fenstermaker.

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The Ledger reported that Fenstermaker was in contact with the 9-year-old from January to March and sent her explicit photos of himself while they communicated through a social media app called LINK.

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