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I kept the line-drawing.” Dave Grohl “He’s amazing.I’ve known Dave for years – we just have mutual friends.He’s stopped smoking, but he probably sneaks Jack and Coke here and there — he’d be lying if he said he’d stopped.' He also boasted of sleeping with 1,000 women, built up an impressive - if controversial - collection of Third Reich memorabilia and entertained millions despite an ever-growing list of health problems.

NS: I have, and I could put out five books of just photography. But someone said, 'no, there's something with the light.' And that was really interesting because I felt that the story was told in the shadows, and I use old lighting. This is a global issue that I'm talking about in this book. Us: Have you been approached ever to do or anything like that? Us: How did your band mates react to what you revealed in the last book?

To say Kat Von D is the most famous tattoo artist in the world is no understatement.

With 5 million Instagram followers and 20 years in the business, she’s got a ton of musical clients under her belt and the first tattoo she ever gave was a tribute to goth-punks Misfits.

it still fucks me up a little bit, so I don’t know if I’m ready to get the tattoo just yet but I think eventually I will.

There are very few people that I ever felt connected to or that understood me in any way and we had a deep great connection. I remember he kissed my hand the first time I met him.

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