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Him being just out of an on/off again relationship, I was not prepared for us to have an Open Relationship like he was previously used too, so things turned sour.“I didn’t know you were going to be here” he said.“Well you know, I’m full of surprises” I smiled, looking over at Paloma who was giggling like a school girl.I knew..everyone knew she had a massive crush on Noel...unfortunately she was more fixated on getting me with Noel than her!“We’re about to go get something to join us Noel?” Paloma asked.“He doesn’t really like food” I said, taking a tiny stab.

was married to Catherine Palermo from which 2 children were born. Mazzone born in 1926 and Dora Mazzone Roby born in 1928. That's according to singer and actress Paloma Faith, who co-starred with Heath in the movie.Paloma - who's being touted as the new Amy Winehouse - made the revelation on Fearne Cotton's new BBC Radio1 afternoon show.” I teased as he screwed his face at the menu.“I’d rather steal yours” he replied. I just smiled and sat down, taking a gulp of my drink. Noel was very fidgety, I mean he always was, never could sit still but something was off. It was quite cold outside and Noel had his coat pulled up tightly around him.We each got a drink found a table near the back.“Are we gonna talk designs” I asked Paloma, knowing she was itching to get some new ideas.“I have a ideas” she smiled, just as her’s phone started ringing. His shoes slightly slipping on the wet ground with each step; He never did dress for the cold.

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It was just a cartoon picture of two grandparents, located across her chest.“You know it” I laughed winking.“I heard you were the one behind that idea” came a voice.

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