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Cloud (2010), which became a moderate success at the box office despite receiving mostly negative reviews from critics.Efron next appeared as a part of the large ensemble cast in Garry Marshall’s New Year's Eve (2011), which depicted a series of holiday vignettes of different groups of characters.He also starred in the drama At Any Price, which premiered at the 2012 Venice International Film Festival, and the historical drama Parkland, which premiered at the 2013 Venice International Film Festival.Both of these films received mixed reviews from critics.

Efron’s singing talents were disputed when it was revealed that his voice had been blended with Drew Seeley’s on the soundtrack, but Efron clarified that the songs (written for a tenor) were written before he was cast and therefore did not suit his more baritone vocal range.The film received almost unanimously negative reviews from critics, but became a major success at the box office.He also played a supporting role in the critically successful Liberal Arts (2012), which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2012 and received a limited release later that year.Efron’s first release of 2014 was the romantic comedy That Awkward Moment (2014), on which he was also an executive producer.The film, which starred Efron alongside Miles Teller and Michael B.

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