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The names of all the principal towers on the walls may be gathered from the documents in the Appendix to this volume. The great tower terminating the line of wall in the view was the Beau- champ tower, and in advance thereof we see the Beauchamp bulwark, the services assigned to which, in event of an enemy's approach, are described in p. In proceeding, from this point, round the walls in the rear of the town (and the reader may now turn to the annexed Map,) we arrive at the Milk gate, no doubt so called from its affording the readiest access to the adjoining pastures. The guildhall of the staple, in which the prince of Castillo's lodgings were prepared in 1508 (p. in 1532,t is likewise in existence, and, in the words of Sir Henry Ellis, " exhibits a curious mixture of the well-known Tudor style with the forms of Flemish architecture." After the capture of the town, in 1558, the Staple inn was appropriated for the residence of the conqueror, and from him it has since borne the name of the hotel de Guise. (Holinshed.) In 1532, the ex- chequer was prepared for the French king, (see p. and haud-out were played in the days of Henry the Eighth.* The name of Paradise occurs as early as the reign of Richard the Second,-]- and it is still retained in the nomenclature of the town, though now but little appro- priate to the purlieus of a sea-port. XXXV COUNCIL OF THE CAMDEN SOCIETY FOR THE YEAR 1845.

XXVH St, Mary's church is still standing.* The other church gave place to the new citadel formed by cai'dinal Richelieu. I suspect further that, in the same place, Stowe transcribed " Sir John Page " for Sir John Gage, K. and " Sir Edward Santener " for Santmer or Sey- mour, afterwards the Duke of Somerset and protector.* Such instances of inaccuracy in our standard works con- tribute to justify that recurrence to original authorities which it is the practice of the Camden Society to adopt and recommend. Edidit Edwardus Rowe Mores, 1748." The same roll occurs in manuscript in MS. Secret history of Margaret duchess of Savoy and Charles Brandon duke of Suffolk . Under the year 1532 he has given the same list of names as in this volume, p. The name of Donne is misprinted Deane, Semer is misprinted Femer, and Markam misprinted Marleant. Accedunt classes exercitus Edwardi tertii regis Caletem obsidentis. to sir John Wiltshire, regarding a proposed visit to Calais . .52 Preparations for the proposed marriage of the princess Mary to Charles prince of Castille .

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