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Then they asked about foreign forces, whether we were being used by foreign forces. YC: Do these kind of activities need much funding at all?

They were extremely nervous about these “foreign forces.” “Who are paying for your activities? Li Tingting: They do — for instance to cover the cost of printing materials.

” I said that everything we did was for gender equality in China, it’s not for anything else. They were asking about the details of those projects — they wanted every possible detail of them.

Another question they asked was: Why are you working at an NGO? They asked so many questions, but I was not in charge, nor in control of a lot of resources, nor did I receive any money from “foreign forces.” Besides, even if we did receive money from abroad, did the law prohibit it?

Then they called in a locksmith company to pry open the lock, so I opened the door for them.

On that first night we arrived at the police station at 12am. When we got to the detention center we were handcuffed and made to stand and wait. She remarked: “This is on my to-do list.” YC: Ah — going to jail being on one’s to-do list. In the end when she left jail she really did find a girlfriend.But they knocked on the door continuously for about 30 minutes, and from their conversation I knew they were after me.They said they’d been monitoring my phone calls, and that I’d just called so-and-so.Li Tingting (李婷婷), also known as Li Maizi (李麦子), is one of the “Feminist Five” in China who were detained on the eve of the International Women’s Day in 2015; they were planning a protest against sexual harassment on public transportation, which is insidiously prevalent in China.The women were released after 37 days in detention following an unprecedented international outcry.

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