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The wrap on our Workmate was designed and presented by Sam Allen (himself a Surtees owner) and founder of Onfire Design, the advertising and creative supplier for Surtees.Sam was keen to not only show us his handiwork, but also show-off the new Honda BF 100hp four-stroke on its tail.Out on the pointy end we find a strong and attractive split bowrail that feeds down into the fully-welded bow fitting and roller.

As we travelled out to the "Hole in the Rock" I marvelled with angling anticipation as we weaved our way seawards.The mode in which lean burn control is used is referred to as ECOmo (Economy Controlled Motor).VTEC™ ensures smooth, stable idling with an even further reduction in fuel consumption, while the increased valve lift at high revs broadens the torque curve and provides incredible top-end power.The BF80 and BF100’s 1.5L, SOHC, 16-valve, inline four-cylinder engine is inspired by the same remarkable engine that powers the iconic Honda motor vehicle, the ‘Jazz’.With the exception of the cylinder sleeves, these engines feature an all-aluminium alloy block, resulting in a very lightweight and powerful package.

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ENQUIRE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT With a powerful 1.5L, Single Over Head Cam shaft (SOHC), 16-valve, inline four-cylinder engine, the BF80/BF100 are ready to set new levels of performance in the 80/100Hp sector.

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