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It’s a huge problem that “best of” lists are mostly white males, of course, and any variation thereof. It’s no surprise, then, that white males tend to really be invested in those lists, and in shibboleths like “maintaining standards.” A “best of” list creates the appearance of level playing field, by investing in the conceit that everyone’s work could be judged by the same standard—that such a thing is even possible—and, so, the entire enterprise gives ideological cover to those who would like to believe their work has been praised on its merits (and that those who have been excluded, in some sense, deserved it).

But a representative “best of” list is not something to strive for, because it’s a contradiction in terms.

done is demonstrate that the system is skewed against white people.

If anything, they’ve shown that adding a situational advantages of non-whiteness to the structural advantages of whiteness can lead to success.

But it’s the ability to pick and choose, depending on the situation, which makes whiteness the real advantage.

Only white people can play this “card,” the ethnicity that’s there when you need it, but disappears when you don’t.

If you’re prepared for a little self-censorship, posting under your real name can be a smart strategy.

Knowing that anything you say online may show up when someone Googles you, use your postings to your advantage. You can use this handy Fake Name Generator to come up with a false identity on the fly.

It’s embarrassing for Alexie, and painful, as he describes here; Elizabeth Mc Cracken sympathized, tweeting yesterday that she’d “never read anything about editing so honest about the process, the impossibility of finding mere Literary Merit but how you gotta try”: “The essay is about editorial imperfection: indeed how there is no such thing as editorial perfection. An anthology whose contents are finally chosen by one person is always edited by one person, despite the phrase Best American.” It’s a sympathetic reading.Allowing dissenters to shield their identities frees them to express critical, minority views . If you use your legal name and actual email address to register and CNN’s privacy policy allows it to share your information third parties, as many websites do, then it will show up on the people search websites.Study after study demonstrates that being able to say what we think without fear of repercussion brings out the worst in us.With the advent of anonymous online commenting came trolling, cyber-bullying, and general unpleasantness.There’s even a scientific term for it: “the online disinhibition effect.” And anonymity can have far worse effects than just discouraging thoughtful and polite discourse: it has lead to murders and suicides, as in the sad case of Alexis Pilkington, the 17 year-old girl who committed suicide after being harassed online by anonymous people.

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But even if we grant, for the sake of argument, that they are sometimes necessary, any list of “best of X literature” is always going to be a better device for exclusion than for adequately representing anything but the preferences of the gatekeepers.

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