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The girls just flew back from North Carolina AND BOY ARE THEIR ARMS TIRED!While Krystyna reflects on the awesome masturbation sesh she had in her private Chapel Hill hotel room, Corinne got off the airplane and wasted no time going on a trip of a different color.She meets and falls in love with magazine writer Donald Hollinger, played with chivalrous charm by Ted Bessell, while her sternly loving father Lew Marie, portrayed by the ever dependable Lew Parker, watches from afar - yet is somehow always near.The show’s ace acting, writing and directing melded seamlessly, combining its colorful sets and fabulous wardrobe to create a cheerful, intelligent and always funny half-hour, one that dependably delivered logical stories with lively dialogue with a decidedly feminist undertone.

PLUS: Tips to keep your long-term relationship going strong as long as you both shall live!

However, these people (criminals) know that what they're doing is illegal and they still do it.

It's not like they are unaware that they are commiting a crime.

And what kind of statement is if it’s illegal why does it still happen why do all the other crime happen if there illegal @guyswefucked: but the thing is you insted of trying to let her understand that not all guy are like his if im not wrong at one point you say that it never changed if you say this to me now why is your response diffrent when talking to her yes i understand its her experiance but u understand that when she explains her experience she uses blanketed thinking saying that most if not all guys are like this is that really fair to say?

im not argueing her experences werent bad which in reality its highschool it shouldnt be hitting that hard but we all get it diffrently i suppose im not saying there not bad im saying that you allowed her to use bigoted thinking with no correction an that sit under the same principal of racism but thats looked at completly diffrent now isnt is @ikeaner-notp: LOL...

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if it's so retarded then why does rape still happen as often as it does?

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