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A woman in the audience doesn’t find his rape repertoire funny, and very soon interrupts his act.

Here, Le Blanc wrote about how O’Neal was deliberate and merciless in testing boundaries and saying the unspeakable. When women respond negatively to misogynistic or rape humor they are ‘sensitive’ and branded as feminist a word that has, as of late, become a catch-all term for, ‘woman who does not tolerate bullshit’.” (Clearly Ms Gay tolerates a lot more bullshit than she should.) Then there’s Elissa Bassist from The Daily Beast, who weighed in with: “But. It’s a celebration of a violent crime, which is itself another violation. It’s a “this is something we can do and then laugh about it, no big deal.” When you reiterate these half-truths (there are girls in the world getting raped by like five guys right now), they authenticate themselves, as if by magic.

The dark horse is Google , which was shown last year to have low usage in terms of users posting content – fewer than half-a-million users had done so – but has an exceptionally high user base: 32% of adults say they use it on their phones.

However, many respondents confuse the Google search app with the Google social networking app.

Sarah Silverman, who’s currently trying to seduce casino magnate Sheldon Adelson into scissoring her for 0 million – instead of giving that cash to Mitt Romney so he can defeat Obama – knows one. “I believe you can joke about anything, it all depends on what the exaggeration is.

Every joke needs one thing to be way out of proportion – I’ll give you an example,” says Carlin, in a sketch where he sets out to prove that rape jokes can be funny. What the fuck kind of social life does this guy have?

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