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English isn’t the only language and writers can help their clients more if they keep this simple fact in mind., a global translation services provider.

Vamos hacia la derecha cruzando la playa, seguiremos el camino de la costa dirección la punta de Borró, pasando por la playa del Borró y la gran del Futaner, el camino cruza el cabo de Ras un poco alejado de la costa y vuelve a acercarse al mar en la playa de Bramant, el sendero seguirá por las playas de Canyelles, del Cros i la de "sota d'en Canals" hasta llegar a la playa de Grifeu, en este tramo el camino pasa por detrás de la playa.Poland is the largest of the East European countries which joined the EU in May 2004.Poland is comparable in size to Italy or Germany (in USA larger than New Mexico) and with a population of approximately 39 million (e.g.From a business perspective, English may have emerged as the lingua franca of global commerce and, subsequently, the internet, but any company that is looking to make serious inroads into foreign markets should consider the following facts: Asia accounts for over forty percent of the world’s internet users; China has thirty percent more internet users than the US; three quarters of the world’s population speaks no English at all; internet users are four times more likely to buy from a website in their native language.Regardless of how many languages a person can speak, people simply prefer to communicate in their own language.

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Administrative division 16 provinces (wojewodztwa) President Lech Kaczynski Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski Parliament the Sejm 460 deputies, the Senate 100 deputies (four-year term) Currency 1 Zloty (PLN) = 100 Groszy (1 EUR = aprox.

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